Vicacha creek trail, forest inventory beside Bogotá Downtown - 1 day

Enjoy a greenfull trip beside Bogotá downtown to enjoy the Anden forest on a very secure environment, we will finish with a visit to Quinta de Bolivar, the house of Simón Bolivar in colonial Santa Fé de Bogotá.

Join us on this live inventory to know all about the flora species on this biodiveristy hotspot in Bogotá

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$50,000 (£ 12.42)

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About this activity

We met at Las Aguas church at 7:30 am, see the map for datails.

We start our walk to get the Vicachá creek trail entrance.

Activity facts

Time:3.5 to 4 hours
Distance:4.5 Kilometers
Dificulty:3/5 (Medium)
Wheather: Cold at the morning, with rains probability

Services included

Quinta de Bolvar entrance fee
Guiding with professional guides
Detailed information
Zero hurries, this is our favorite trail in Bogotá.

Not included


Why this is scientific tourism?

Tour Policy and conditions

The activity takes place with minumum 5 persons.
Once the minumum assitants are reached you are going to be contacted by email or phone to make the payment on your current reservation.
For money refunds we stick to this conditions:
One week (7 days) before: 90% devolution, a 10% as penalty fee to cover banking fees
Cancelation three days before: 80% devolution a 20% as penalty fee to cover banking fees and guide scheduling
No money refund for cancelations 2 days before.
If Kybernetes cancel, the money is returned 100%.

For us enviroment is uppon money, this activity has a maximun of 20 person per day, dont wait to schedule at last.