Go to the unknown and natural Bogotá - 1 day

To hike and enjoy the native forest and orchids is not a must to leave the city. Only 30 minutes from Bogotá downtown.

At Las Moyas páramo you can have a bird eye vision over the city, and know our tallest mountains and the stories around them.

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Price per person

$45,000 (£ 11.18)

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About this activity

Our meeting point is at Rosales neighborhood CAI (is a small police station), on Av. Circunvalar #76-80 at 7am (very early so we can spot some birds, Bogotá has the most biodiversity about birds).

Colombia is in first place on orchids species in the world and we have found 4 of them on this trial, on the wild. Our guides and researchers are going to take you through the native forest to tell you first hand facts about forest and orchids on the trek.

We are going to arrive to different lookout points, you can meet the entire city with just one sight, we are going to explain you everything about the city.

We are not in a hurry, we want you to love this landscape so much as we do. If it is late we have to come back as the police close the trail, if we are on time and reach the top we are going to arrive at Las Moyas, an ancient fossilized coral. The activity finish in about 4 hours and at last we are going to take you to Carrera 7 through Rosales neighborhood where you can freely choose a restaurant or take a transportation to you hotel, or share a beer with us.

Activity facts

Time:3 to 4 hours
Distance:6 Kilometers
Altitude:3000 Mts
Difficulty:3/5 (Moderate to hard)
Weather: Sunny, possibly rainy

Services included

Guiding with professional guides
Free Healthly fruits (at least 1 per person)
Detailed information by our researchers joining an opensky lab for orchids
Some utils (Magnifiying glass, information cards)

Not included

Transportation (By ussing public transport you can reduce your carbon footprint)
Insurrances (If you need one let us know and we can help you getting one)

Why this is scientific tourism?

We are reintroducing and propagating 4 orchids species as our sustainability policy to improve the environment quality, and not only take resources from him. We are working with Fundacion Cerros de Bogota, to improve sustainability on tourism using Geographical Information Systems and learn how our activity generates impacts on those mountains, that belongs to the Main Ecological Structure for Bogotá, so you can join us to improve our inventory, and eventually, picking and growing some baby orchids.

Tour Policy and conditions

The activity takes place with minumum 5 persons.
Once the minumum assitants are reached you are going to be contacted by email or phone to make the payment on your current reservation.
For money refunds we stick to this conditions:
One week (7 days) before: 90% devolution, a 10% as penalty fee to cover banking fees
Cancelation three days before: 80% devolution a 20% as penalty fee to cover banking fees and guide scheduling
No money refund for cancelations 2 days before.
If Kybernetes cancel, the money is returned 100%.

For us enviroment is uppon money, this activity has a maximun of 20 person per day, dont wait to schedule at last.