Bogotá Botanical Garden - 1 day

Enjoy one of the most beutifull places on the city, and breath the fresh air.

The botanical garden has the larger collection of plants, is partner of Kew Botanical Garden.

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Price per person

$45,000 (£ 11.18)

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About this activity

Our meeting point is at Jardín Botánico (Botanical Garden) entrance, Calle 63 No. 68-95, at 9am.

Here you can safely delight with all the Andes mountains plants, and birds, we are going to take you to some secret spots that tourists never watch, the botanical garden has a lot of open sky collections and some of the last and older oaks in the city.

We are going to take some time to rest and eat fresh fruits and watch the different birds and their funny interactions.

We are not in a hurry, we take the time to explain you and make you an expert on Bogotá plants. Later we take a short walk to Normandía one of the most beautiful neighborhoods in Bogotá, where you can found a lot of restaurants and some new pubs, and finally we are going to assist you to take transportation.

Activity facts

Tiempo:3 a 4 hours
Distancia:2 Kilometers
Dificultad:1/5 (Easy)
Clima: Sunny, maybe some rain

Services included

Guiding with professional guides
Free Healthly fruits (at least 1 per person)
Detailed information
Some utils (Magnifiying glass, information cards)

Not included

Transportation (By ussing public transport you can reduce your carbon footprint)
Insurrances (You really does not need one here...)

Why this is scientific tourism?

The botanical garden belongs to the Main Ecological Structure in Bogotá, the botanical Garden was named not as its founder but as José Celestino Mutis, he starts the botanical expedition on XVIII Century and he is known as the botanical science father in Colombia. The botanical garden has frequent communication with the Kew Botanical Garden to improve their inventory.

Tour Policy and conditions

The activity takes place with minumum 5 persons.
Once the minumum assitants are reached you are going to be contacted by email or phone to make the payment on your current reservation.
For money refunds we stick to this conditions:
One week (7 days) before: 90% devolution, a 10% as penalty fee to cover banking fees
Cancelation three days before: 80% devolution a 20% as penalty fee to cover banking fees and guide scheduling
No money refund for cancelations 2 days before.
If Kybernetes cancel, the money is returned 100%.

For us enviroment is uppon money, this activity has a maximun of 20 person per day, dont wait to schedule at last.