Archeology in Bogotá and a hike in La Candelaria - 1 day

Have a nice visit on the Arquelogical museum in Bogotá, spent some minutes to have a delicius lunch everything on the same place, later take a hike with our guides to let you know all the secrets of La Candelaria

This museum holds a clay pots collection and figures made more than 500 years ago by the ancient civilizations in Colombia.

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$50,000 (£ 12.42)

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We met you near Plaza de Bolivar at Calle 11 N8-54.

We start our walk through La Candelaria neiborghood, watching the most important churchs and places in downtown.

45 minutes later we arrive to Museo Arqueológico Casa Marquez de San Jorge. Where we are going to told you with full details the relation between the collection and the daily life of our first native inhabitants.

We are not in a hurry, we are going to spend about one hour and a half so you can explore in detail de museum, later we continue our walk returning to Plaza de Bolivar and entering one of the most traditional places in the city: Pasaje Hernández, an old fashioned hall where the architecure stops in time. And finally we are going to take you to Pasaje Rivas and Alcaldía Mayor.

Activity facts

Time:2.5 to 3 hours
Distance:3 Kilometers
Dificulty:1/5 (Super easy)
Wheather: Sunny at the morning, windy at the afternoon

Services included

Museum entrance fee
Guiding with professional guides
Detailed information
No hurries, we love our job

Not included


Why this is scientific tourism?

Science is not only about animals and plants, people is important too, understanding how was the life and the world perception for ancient cultures through their remains is an hability that we want to encourage in our visitors.

Tour Policy and conditions

The activity takes place with minumum 5 persons.
Once the minumum assitants are reached you are going to be contacted by email or phone to make the payment on your current reservation.
For money refunds we stick to this conditions:
One week (7 days) before: 90% devolution, a 10% as penalty fee to cover banking fees
Cancelation three days before: 80% devolution a 20% as penalty fee to cover banking fees and guide scheduling
No money refund for cancelations 2 days before.
If Kybernetes cancel, the money is returned 100%.

For us enviroment is uppon money, this activity has a maximun of 20 person per day, dont wait to schedule at last.