Top five things to do in Bogotá for a nature lover

Top five things to do in Bogotá for a nature lover

Here we want to told you the top five interesting activities you can do in Bogotá, related to nature hikes and biodiversity.

If you arrive to this post it means you are not a mere tourist, and you want to explore the city, as maybe you know Bogotá is big city with about 8 million habitants; even by being a big city we have a lot of nature hikes in our Cerros Orientales: the mountains you can see from any location in the city by looking to the east, and our Humedales: wetlands in some places in the middle of very urbanized neighborhoods, so here we want to told you the top five of interesting activities you can do in Bogotá, related to nature hikes and biodiversity.

5. Metropolitan park, Parque Simón Bolivar:

This park is the biggest metropolitan park in Bogotá, it is sligltly bigger than New York's central Park, you can explorer it by walking or by riding a bike, has a parking lot, and you can do some activities as kayaking and sail on pedal boats, it is located on the middle of the city, you can arrive by Avenida 68, or Calle 63 or Calle 53.

4. Wetlands, Humedal Santa Maria del Lago:

This Shallow is located near Calle 80 and Avenida Boyacá, so you can arrive by ny transportation on those routes as Transmilenio or SITP, this medium size park has 10 hectares, surrounded by native trees, a lot of birds like Tingua Bogotana, and sure, wetlands, it is opened from monday to sunday, at 6 in the morning and closes at 5 in the afternoon.

3. Botanical garden, Jardín Botánico, José Celestino Mutis:

Center-easter region of Colombian Andes has the most of the biodiversity in plants, and you can see most of them on a single place, the Botanical Garden is a must if you are a trully nature enthusiast, beacuse on a very secure and tranquility place you are going to have all those Anden trees and flowers at your hand, the Botanical Garden has a lot of different open sky collections, and some englsh tours can be scheduled most of times, you can arrive by Calle 63 if you are coming from downtown. We can provide you a more interesting visit and scope as you can see in: we know some walkthroughs the tourist usually do not use, in the botanical garden you can take some time to watch a lot of birds, and breath fresh air.

2. Vicachá creek trail, sendero del río Vicachá:

The Vicachá creek trail is one of the most new and beatifull trails on Cerros Orientales, it starts on a high andean forest with some human intervention decades ago, and goes up to a páramo, with a nice view of all the south and downtown, it is opened to the visitors on weekends, from 7 to 10 in the morning, you can make the complet trail and exit by Instituto Humboldt, a research facility about biodiversity, or returning the same way, you can found the entrance near Monserrate and Calle 19.

1. Páramo de las Moyas trail:

This trail starts on one of the most fancy neighborhoods in Bogotá: Rosales, at the entrance you are goign to meet the Fundación Cerros de Bogotá  rangers, that will told you some interesting facts about the trail, it is very demanding if you dont use to practice any sport regularly, but can be finished by going slow and without resting too much. Here you can see a lot of different plants, those who belongs to the native High Andean Forest, and those who are now the modern forest made by exotic trees from Australia and Canada, we can take you very to the summit and explain you a lot of details about the plants, and particulary about the orchids on the trail: , and show you some especial lookout sites, as the trail is more or less on the geographic center of the city, you can spot it all at one sight.