El Cocuy National Park - Tropical glaciers - 4 days

Meet the last glaciers on central-east Colombia, all beyond the 4900 meters over sea level

Join the ultimate adventure on Colombian Andes, hike through dreamed landscapes.

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$950,000 (C 400.56)

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About this activity

Day 1: We pickup you at your hotel at 8.15 am, and we start the journey to El Cocuy, by 8 hours we are going to cross a lot of different landscapes. We are going to make a stop at 12 to take a lunch, and at 1pm we continue our way.
Once on El Cocuy we are going to change our transport to climb up to a rural house where we are going to have some meal, and make a short hike to aclimate to high altitude, later rest on confortable beds, because next day could be though...

Day 2: We wake up very early having a light breakfast at 6 am.and we start a full day hike, our local guide will join us and assist us to all the trail, we are going to stop after 4 hours to have a light lunch too, resting for a few minutes and keep going to el Púlpito Glacier at 4900 meters over sea level, we start the way to back to the rural  house, rest and have a dinner.

Day 3: We wake up very early, again..., and having a light breakfast, to hike to Laguna Grande de la Sierra, and a glacier circus surrounded by 5 snowy mountains, on a full day hike, later we come back to enjoy the last dinner on this journey to share some beers, photos, stories and jokes.

Day 4: In our final day we are going to rest a couple hours more, at 8am we have a breakfast, and returning to El Cocuy town, we are going to spent some hours visiting the streets and some intersting handcrafts shops so you can give to your familiy a nice gift when returning home, at 12 we have a lunch on a typical restaurant and we leave at 1 or 2pm returning to Bogotá.

We are not in a hurry, we take the time to show you and explain all the facts we already know about the páramo, the park, the glaciers and more.

Activity facts

Time:4 days, 2 of them with 10 hours hikes
Distance:8 Kilometers each day
Dificulty:5/5 (Prepare yourself)
Wheather: Dec-Feb: Sunny, March-Nov: Rainy
Altitude:4,900 meters
Ecosystems:High Andean Forest, Páramo, Glacier

Services included

Guiding with professional and local guides
Breakfast: Days 2,3,4
Lunch: Days 1,2 & 3 are on the trail, light to avoid altitude illnes,4 typical lunch at El Cocuy
Dinner: Days 1,2,3 all at the rural house hosting us.
Detailed information.
Private transport to El Cocuy and from el Cocuy To Bogotá, and from El Cocuy to the rural house and to El Cocuy
Some trails outside the park must be done by walking to entering the park.
3 nights at the rural house.
Entrance fees and insurrance to entering National Park.

Not included


Why this is scientific tourism?

El Cocuy National Park has the last Andes glaciers in central-east Colombi, those mountains make us mountaineers, we are addressing to improve responsible tourism and by a web application we are measuring the environmental impacts we produce on the park you can see the webpage at www.kybernetes.co/gis The information getered on each travel is shared with Parques Nacionales office who is the environmental autority ruling the park. By joining this activity you are providing real data to improve the care of natural surroundings of the park.

Tour Policy and conditions

The activity takes place with minumum 5 persons.
Once the minumum assitants are reached you are going to be contacted by email or phone to make the payment on your current reservation.
For money refunds we stick to this conditions:
One week (7 days) before: 90% devolution, a 10% as penalty fee to cover banking fees
Cancelation three days before: 80% devolution a 20% as penalty fee to cover banking fees and guide scheduling
No money refund for cancelations 2 days before.
If Kybernetes cancel, the money is returned 100%.

For us enviroment is uppon money, this activity has a maximun of 20 person per day, dont wait to schedule at last.